Samsara is a Professional Bellydancer of Middle Eastern Origin, Brought up in London, she now Lives in Essex.
At an early of four, music and dance seemed to be of major interest and was soon taken to school for Tap and Ballet‎, followed by an interest in Bellydance, Streetdance, some Latin and Ballroom. It seemed the hobby of Dance turned into a paid hobby.
After entering competitions in both Dance and Fitness. The Highlight was to be a Judge at The World Dance‎ Championships, years later after previously entering in, herself for Cyprus.
She performs at various events Such as Festivals, Corporate,including Arabian Themed Events.

Samsara teaches at Events, Venues and Holiday Retreats offering Classes and Workshops In Bellydance.‎

After leaving school and with an interest in fashion, Hair, Beauty and Fitnessn she attended college to do the Hair and Beauty first. After doing this for a few years and working in this field for a year, she found she wanted to get into teaching as she enjoyed the science and anatomy and Physiology of the subject area. Throughout her teaching career she also attended college as a student, one day a week, every year and then university to complete further studies every year.
After completing‎ her training as a fitness instructor. She combined the knowledge of both dance and fitness to devise fitness routines to get maximum results in Fun time.

Samsara has made several Guest appearances and the Bellydance Workout TV series is Broadcast on various Sky Fitness TV Channels. The programs are currently on the Body in Balance TV Network in Greece, India, Turkey, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Croatia, Switzerland and Virgin Media in the UK.

Samsara  also works on other TV shows and currently with Hellenic Television. The UK Greek Channel on Freeview 264.There is Talk and planning of a New Healthy Lifestyle Show where she will be Presenting.

Samsara has her own Column in the English Section of the Parikiaki Greek Newspaper where she Writes about Hair, Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Fashion and Beauty.‎ Fulfilling all her passion for the creative arts.